the little things expats miss the most

An American living in Portugal examines everything foreigners living there lack. Family and friends come first, followed by a much more surprising list.

Friends and family are what expatriates lack the most, regardless of their background. Of course, the whole family did not settle with us on the southwest coast of Portugal, neither our bridge club nor our golf partners. This separation is even more problematic with the travel restrictions linked to the pandemic.

Visiting relatives, made impossible

Originally, our loved ones (well, not so close now), family members and our super super friends, were to come and see us at this great vacation destination known the world over.

Now that 2020 has hit its mark, we are no longer hosting Mom and her new husband or our adult children for an awesome vacation with plenty of beautiful beaches and affordable restaurants.

They will be able to come back one day… but when? It is that we are not getting any younger.

Of course, we can stay in touch with college friends, next door neighbors we have always known or cousins ​​through social networks, but it’s not the same thing, especially since some are who became ardent supporters of Donald Trump. If we remove them from our Facebook friends list, it is unlikely that they will cross the Atlantic to come see us in the near future. So we continue to send others beautiful photos of the cliffs and sunsets, hoping that they will not be too jealous and understand that the plan has always been to share.

The (relative) mastery of the local language, which makes you nostalgic

The other aspect of life that expats regret is not speaking the local language. Of course, if one intends to live in the country for a while, one should learn Portuguese. We have all found that it is very


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Pat The Expat

“Pat The Expat” is the pseudonym of an American expatriate living in the Algarve region of Portugal since 2017. He writes about his expat life for the site Portugal Resident since arriving in the country. Before that, he lived in Panama, where he also wrote about the daily life of foreigners living there.


Portugal Resident is an English-language news site primarily aimed at expats living in Portugal. The site is the online version of the weekly The Algarve Resident, founded in 1989.


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