The lockdown is the reason “Ann Chakrabongse” announces the acquisition of 10 restaurants.

Parade for offering business after “Anne Chakrabongse”, the goddess JKN, announced the purchase of 10 restaurants to help renew her life after the coronavirus pandemic. gradually ruined

after “Ann Chakrabongse Chakra Chutathibodi, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of JKN Global Media Public Company Limited orGoddess JKN Post a message via Facebook, Anne Jakrajutatip stated that

Many restaurants have problems. Ann wants to help by requesting to acquire 10 businesses. Inbox your shop details. Come quickly to JKN18 Facebook. #Ann Chakrabongse #Transgender Billion #JKN18

It was found that there were many people who commented. Both business owners and people who come to appreciate the idea and help others find that there is a restaurant business. Many drinks offered to enter and sell the business. and inviting a joint venture to bring money to continue the business There are also other businesses that offer to join the capital and sell the business, such as glass coating car wash business, etc.

At the same time, there are many different opinions, whether the purchase is reasonable or not, etc.

causing “Ann Chakrabongse” to comment further that It can be a joint venture. 100% acquisition is not required.

epidemic situationCovid-19 The violent 3rd wave resulted in a large increase in the number of infections and deaths, causing the Prof. to announce intensive measures to prevent Covid-19, includingConstruction worker lockdown camp andrestaurant lockdown To sell food and beverages only for take-out and consumption at home.

In the highest and strictly controlled areas, totaling 10 provinces are 1. Bangkok, 2. Nakhon Pathom, 3. Nonthaburi, 4. Narathiwat, 5. Pathum Thani, 6. Pattani, 7. Yala, 8. Songkhla, 9. Samut Prakan, and 10. Samut Sakhon.

The spread of the coronavirus has had a huge impact on hundreds of thousands of restaurant operators. causing the need to gradually close the business both temporarily and permanently latest restaurant lockdown This is another measure that has a heavy impact on large restaurants. Shophouse restaurants, street food, and hawker stalls are expected to cause a large number of restaurants to close down.

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