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Carmen Please is the actress in charge of giving life to Rutila Casillas, the eldest daughter of drug trafficker Aurelio Casillas in “The Lord of the heavens”. Although his role has won the affection of the audience and given much fame, few people know his trajectory.

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Next, we introduce you to the other soap operas that this young woman has performed, who began her career on television when she was only 9 years old, being a reporter for a children’s program called ECOLE (1999) on Televisa and the following year she joined the cast of Sesame Street (2000).

Carmen Aub was born on October 24, 1989. She is the daughter of journalist Luis Aub, who was married to Fernanda Romero. (Photo: Carmen Aub / Instagram)


Where is Elisa?

His first work in soap operas was with the production “Where is Elisa?” (2010), playing Flor Cáceres.

“Girls of evil”

A week after finishing the recordings of “Where is Elisa?”, He left for Bogotá, Colombia, for his first leading role in the telenovela “Chicas Mal” (2010), in which he played Greta Domeneschi Wurtz / Lola.

Aub’s leading role was in the telenovela “Chicas Mal”, alongside Isabel Burr, Jéssica Sanjuán, Patricia Bermúdez, María Teresa Barreto and Ana María Aguilera. (Photo: Prime video)

“Hope of the heart”

In 2011 she participated in the Mexican youth soap opera “Esperanza del corazón” alongside Lucía Méndez, Bianca Marroquín and Marisol del Olmo. In it she played Krista Cabral Duprís.

“Forbidden passion”

In 2013 she played Nina Piamonte in the American soap opera “Pasión prohibida”, produced by Telemundo Studios and broadcast on the Telemundo network.

“Miracles of Christmas”

In 2017 she participated in the American anthology melodrama “Milagros de Navidad” playing Mariana Ramírez.

Carmen Aub in Christmas Miracles.  (Photo: Telemundo)

Carmen Aub in Christmas Miracles. (Photo: Telemundo)


“As the saying goes”

In this Mexican series where he participated in one of his 2013 chapters giving life to Lucía.

“Family for sale”

“Familia en venta” is a 2014 Colombian series where he had a leading role.

Carmen Aub plays Rutila Casillas (Photo: Telemundo)

Carmen Aub plays Rutila Casillas (Photo: Telemundo)

“The Lord of the heavens”

Carmen Aub gave life to the famous Rutila Casillas.

“El Chema”

It is a Mexican-American television series, where Rutila Casillas Letrán continued to be.

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