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Raul Mendez has become one of the most popular Mexican actors in recent years, especially for his participation in the first two seasons of “The Lord of the heavens”As Víctor Casillas, the brother of Aurelio Casillas (Rafael Amaya) and known mainly by the nickname ‘Charcorta’.

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The Mexican won the admiration of fans after his participation in the second season of the narcoseries and despite the success he had achieved, he decided to step aside to seek new opportunities to continue growing professionally.

It was thus that it was part of ‘Sense 8 ′,’ Narcos’, ‘Black Widow’, ‘The iron prosecutor’ and finally the character of ‘Alejandro Ferrer’ for the series ‘Intimate Enemy’ who has starred next to Fernanda Castillo And without a doubt, this has positioned him as one of the most sought-after actors of the moment.

Although seven years have passed since the second season of The Lord of the heavens” , fans keep wondering why Raúl Méndez decided to withdraw from the series.

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Chacorta was Aurelio Casillas’ right hand in The Lord of the Skies (Photo: Telemundo)


Raul Mendez It was ‘Chacorta’ and it was the armed wing of ‘Aurelio Casillas’, the very “Lord of the Skies” who was led by Rafael Amaya.

At the beginning, the actor did not want to be part of a narcoseries and finally they convinced him to be part of this story and without a doubt, he achieved great recognition. However, he had two reasons why he decided not to be part of the third season.

“There were two reasons, one was economic. Obviously when you see that a production is a success and that it is generating such amounts of money and when I found out how much the others were earning, I asked for an adjustment and they did not want to “, the actor commented in an interview with the program “Don’t tell it” in 20015.

The other reason was personal growth and around that time he was summoned to be part of the film “Visitors” alongside Kate del Castillo.

“When I found out that Kate was going to be there, I knew that success was present”he commented of his co-star. “When I met her, I realized that she is an extremely professional woman. Despite the high level she has reached as an actress, she continues to do things with great humility and passion. He commits “.


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