The lyrics of the song Hayesh remind me of Amr Diab from his new album Sahran

Recently, many searches were made to see the lyrics of the song Hayesh reminds me of the star Amr Diab from his new album Sahran, where the singer attracted the attention of millions and made them wait for the release of his new album eagerly, which always occupies social networking sites and leads all the trends on Twitter, and recently the star Amr Diab released a new album It won the admiration of millions of fans and followers.

The lyrics of the song he is living remembers me

The artist Amr Diab announced 9 songs from his new album until now, they are “Sahran, he will remember me, the uncle of the doctor, Yaruqunk, like what you are, sweet beginnings, your place in my heart, my heart is related, rigid, but” in addition to that he added three songs from The songs that were brought up last summer to the album, bringing the number of songs to 12, which is the day of Talat, with his love, in front of her vision.

It is noteworthy that the artist Amr Diab collaborated in this album with five poets, among them Tamer Hussein, who participated in writing six songs from the album, “They will live thinking of me, Sahran, your place in my heart, rigid, but before her vision, on a hill day, with his love” As for the poet Aziz Al-Shafi’i composed two songs, which are my heart related, as well as what you composed, with Sahran’s song, and the rest of the songs were co-written and written by Saber Kamal and Ahmed Al-Maliki.

A song that keeps me thinking written

“I said whoever didn’t say it .. and did what someone didn’t do. I am satisfied with him and his money .. A virgin will know the mistake of his life. He will think of me and everything that comes after me will think of me .. He just wants to meet me. A cell shows you who kept it .. I have ever done a calculation of his upset .. I am after his words and his actions .. This cannot be needed and will be activated. He will think of me, and everything that comes after me will remember me .. He just wants to meet me. ”

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