The macho jokes against Romina Malaspina that obfuscated Jey Mammon: “I don’t like that, guys, don’t you check the monologue?”

The joke to Romina Malaspina in the Jey Mammon program (Video: “Los Mammones”, America)

Romina Malaspina surprised this week by announcing that she was leaving journalism and her role as a host in one of the broadcasts of the Canal 26. His future is in music. Y Jey Mammon echoed this circumstance. “She is perceived as a singer and launched her song called ‘Color’. Forgiveness, Teen (Stoessel), uh … do we have the video? Let’s see … ”, said the driver in his cycle The Mammons, giving rise to the emission of a fragment of a few seconds of the video clip.

“Sing well I tell you. I like what it does. Applause to Romina! ”Asked Jey, seconded by his panelists. “It’s a bomb! Let him do what he wants! ”, He encouraged her Silvina Escudero. But the issue did not end there.

The creator of Estelita Then he began to read the jokes that his production had elaborated. “Romina thanked Channel 26 and assured that with the music she feels as naked as when she was conducting the newscast,” said Mammon, staggering in some words, perhaps uncomfortable with the joke.

Anyway, he continued: “Apparently the idea of ​​music came to him because several on the networks tell him that they have good how many… ”. The driver’s annoyed face appeared before he even finished reading the alleged occurrence. “I don’t like that, guys. Don’t you check the monologue? ”, He inquired, looking at someone who was located behind the camera.

Romina Malaspina, on Channel 26

The timely intervention of Gabriel Schultz, making a joke about Malaspina’s musical foray but in a lighter tone, served to divert attention. “I (on the subject) set it as an alarm on my cell phone to get up every morning: I got up 10 minutes earlier so as not to hear it, and I turn it off,” said the former ladero de Andy Kusnetzoff on the radio, causing general laughter.

Mammon closed the matter by bridging the model. “The bank to Romina Malaspina, who in two days started and made a barbarian quilombo. You have to invite her. Let him come with the little dress of discord from that time ”, he proposed, noticing the outfit that she had chosen for the news some time ago, and that earned her countless criticisms.

The two jokes occur casually at a time when television is controversial about humor. For example, a couple of hours before and on the same channel, Angela Lerena Y Diego ramos -panelist of TV Nostra– they maintained a tense interdict on air for the trigger of the media controversy: the sketch of Jose Maria Listorti to his wife, which caused the outrage of Julieta Díaz and different feminist groups.

“One day I told you something that bothered you. Can I say it? ”, The sports journalist introduced. “You told me several things …”, replied the actor. “I told you, ‘What a waste!’ It was a joke and you told me: ‘I don’t like that joke.’ And you were right, Diego”Lerena admitted. “Yes, but you didn’t take over at the time.” “Well, I take over now, because it is a stereotype. And you are right ”, acknowledged the panelist, seeking to reach an understanding. “It was the classic joke when a cute boy is gay and they say, ‘What a waste,'” he intervened. Jorge Rial, shipping driver.

Also, days ago Erica Rivas assured that they “kicked” her out of the theatrical version of Married with kids for opposing the scripts, which he considers sexist. “I asked that seek opinions, advice. I do not understand how at this point in history we are going to continue laughing at a woman’s mustaches“Reflected the actress, who in the sitcom played María Elena Fuseneco. “I ate that the director (for Guillermo Francella) Feminazi told me that I was too upset, ”she lamented.


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