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Marine Le Pen, president of the RN, insists this week on the fight against immigration, a favorite theme of his party, which is now disputed by the right and Eric Zemmour, or even the government.

While the RN candidate is given by the polls in the second round against Emmanuel Macron, the government announced Tuesday a tightening of the conditions for obtaining visas with regard to Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia which would have refused to issue the consular passes necessary for the return of immigrants returned from France.

After expressing his desire to reduce “drastically” immigration Monday evening on France 2, the candidate of the National Gathering presents Tuesday her draft referendum law on this theme, which she wants to have adopted as soon as she comes to power, if she is elected to the Elysee Palace.

The far-right official intends to propose a referendum on immigration that aims to “Re-establish strict criteria for entry and retention in the territory but also for the acquisition of nationality”, or to reform the right of asylum, so that requests are made outside French territory.

This referendum will also relate to the inclusion, in the French Constitution, of “The national priority” in access for example to housing or employment, as it defended last week in Moselle. “The French, because they have French nationality, can have more rights – and I will include it in the Constitution – than the foreigners present in our country”, she believes.

This measure is part of a form of “Constitutional shield”, in the words of the candidate, who plans – through this referendum – to establish “the superiority” of national law over international law.

“Any international text, or provision of this text which (will) be contrary to the Constitution (will remain) inapplicable”, which means that France will not need to leave international texts, explains Marine Le Pen.

“I have been proposing this referendum for several years”, insisted on France 2 Marine Le Pen, while some of his proposals are taken up by the right-wing candidates and the polemicist and putative identity candidate Eric Zemmour also claims paternity.

As for Eric Zemmour, more radical, he considers that “France has the right to control the composition of its population” and proposes that bi-nationals choose their nationality. If they do not opt ​​for French nationality, he considers that they will have to leave the territory.

But like Marine Le Pen, he wants to abolish family reunification and the right to soil, extend the deprivation of nationality to many crimes and offenses and expel foreign delinquents.

Marine Le Pen had asked in 2019 that the government suspend the issuance of visas to Algerians to prevent a possible influx of migrants. Eric Ciotti on Tuesday called for the abolition of the derogation regime for residence permits, which benefits Algeria.

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