The Made in Aveyron show does not hide its desire to succeed

the essential
From Friday to Sunday, 94 exhibitors will be present at the 2nd Manufactured in Aveyron fair. A large number of visitors are expected at the Rodez village hall and under a marquee.

After the success last year of the first “Made in Aveyron” show, which attracted nearly 6,500 visitors, the organizers could not imagine not organizing a second one this year. And this, despite a health context not conducive to large gatherings.

But Aveyron Ambition Attractiveness and Pac Communication have worked hard to hold this second edition, while meeting the demands of the situation. « We even went beyond « confides Pierre Censi, from the Ruthenian company Pac Communication (see opposite).

It must be said that if the health context is tense, the economic context is no less so.

« One of the objectives of this show is to allow entrepreneurs to do business. And this first show allowed them to see their turnover increase “, assures Jean-Claude Luche, president of Aveyron Ambition Attractiveness. And this was known in the world of companies stamped “Made in Aveyron”, since 80 companies last year, the show will increase this year to 94 …

« And in this health context, which is reshuffling the cards a bit, it is important to make Aveyronnais know that it is necessary to consume Made in Aveyron. Because this stamp is not just a brand, it is also a guarantee of a quality product. This is its raison d’être ” continues the former president of the departmental council.

“A reassuring brand”

This show is also for the organizer a way to convince other companies to go under the banner “Made in Aveyron”.

« It’s a snowball that has yet to grow. Moreover, we are seriously studying the possibility of organizing this same show in other cities such as Montpellier, Toulouse, etc. “, continues Jean-Claude Luche.

In the meantime, in Rodez, the show will be organized in three poles and the exhibitors will be distributed in the village hall and under two marquees installed outside.

There will in fact be a food production pole, a housing pole and an artistic center.

“This salon enjoys real affect. The Made in Aveyron is a reassuring brand. In addition, it is also a show where exhibitors can showcase their sense of innovation ” Pierre Censi advances. The organizers therefore hope to attract as many if not more people than last year. All the more so as various activities have been set up with conferences and tastings.

And all this while taking great precautions.

In any case, the organizers have done everything for. ” This is why the prefecture has authorized us to organize this show. We don’t have the right to make mistakes »Concludes Jean-Claude Luche.

The organizers have taken several radical decisions for this show which takes place in the health context that we know.

Thus, each visitor will have to go through a “thermopass”.

A gantry that detects if you are wearing the mask and if you have a temperature over 38. A tool which, by the way, is made in Aveyron… It goes without saying that anyone in the living room must be masked. “Teams will watch this carefully,” says Pierre Censi.

Likewise, no more than 500 visitors may be on the site at the same time. “We went further than what the texts impose on us,” says the boss of Pac Communication. A sense of circulation has obviously been put in place.

As for catering, a dedicated area, incorporating restaurant codes has been set up. “It will be forbidden to taste in the aisles”, warns the organizer. Which calls on all participants and visitors to scrupulously respect the rules.

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