the magic of Christmas comes to Lille

Night falls and Lille (North) put on her Christmas set. 1,600 decorations throughout the city, a spectacle that amazes young and old. We need lights and magic“, testifies a passerby. It’s pretty, it’s beautiful, but the Christmas market is missing“children comment. After the gloom of confinement, the magic of Christmas is a breath of fresh air for Lille. See Lille when everything is closed and everything is dark, it’s not Lille, the city needs light, to live, to people. It warms the heart, all that’s missing is the beautiful Christmas tree and the wheel on the square“, rejoices a resident.

Despite the confinement which lowered their turnover, some traders still wanted to participate in the party. One of the centre’s jewelry stores, famous for these illuminations, used 10,000 LED bulbs and 15 Christmas trees for decoration: It is our duty as traders to bring a little joy and mirth during this festive period“, considers the manager. The city will remain illuminated until 12:30 a.m. every evening. Christmas is less than a month away, the time to fill photo albums with smiles.

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