Economy The main index of the Egyptian Stock Exchange fell...

The main index of the Egyptian Stock Exchange fell 1.5% at the close of trading


The Egyptian Stock Exchange indicators varied, with the conclusion of Sunday’s trading session, the beginning of the week’s sessions, as the main index of the Stock Exchange declined, while the index of small and medium-sized and broader companies increased, amid weak trading volumes, while the market capitalization of the Stock Exchange declined by about 2 billion pounds to close at the level of 537.955 billion pounds .

The volume of trading on shares reached 194.5 million securities at a value of 390.8 pounds, through the implementation of 19.8 thousand transactions for 171 companies, and the Egyptians’ transactions recorded 78.23% of the total transactions, while foreigners accounted for 17.1%, and the Arabs gained 4.68% during today’s trading session, and the institutions acquired On 40.97% of the transactions on the stock exchange, and the rest of the transactions were the share of individuals, with a percentage of 59.02%.

The net transactions of Arab individuals and foreign institutions for sale amounted to 7 million pounds, 100.8 million pounds, respectively, while the net transactions of Egyptian and foreign individuals and Egyptian and Arab institutions tended to buy with a value of 27.2 million pounds, 973.3 thousand pounds, 78.2 million pounds and 1.4 million pounds, respectively .

The index “EGX30” decreased by 1.54% to close at 9760 points, and the index “EGX50” rose by 0.05% to close at 1339 points, and the index “EGX30 weights” fell by 1.1% to close at 11156 points, And the EGX 30 index of the total return decreased by 1.34%, to close at 3,643 points.

The index of medium and small companies, “EGX 70 equal weights”, increased by 1.95% to close at 978 points, and the “EGX 100” index increased by 0.19% to close at 1038 points, and the Nile Stock Exchange index rose by 3.17% to close at 646 points .

Shares of 77 companies listed on the stock exchange rose at the close of trading, the shares of 49 companies decreased, and the levels of 45 companies did not change.

On Tuesday, the Egyptian Stock Exchange management decided that the daily trading session times on the stock exchange would be for the main market as well as the market for small and medium-sized companies (the Nile Stock Exchange) from 10 am to 1.30 pm, and the exploratory session will precede it from 9:30 am.




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