The mainland China Type 054A guided missile frigate “Jingzhou” invaded our territorial waters and the Penghu military: no response from superiors without authorization-Cross-Strait-Zhongshi

The Penghu fishermen directly attacked the mainland China Type 054A guided-missile frigate “Jingzhou” on the 15th, which appeared to cross the middle of the Taiwan Strait and appeared in the shallow waters of Taiwan. The Penghu 146 Fleet of the Navy said that it would not respond to whether the enemy ship invaded the territorial waters.

Penghu fishermen disclosed that during fishing operations on the afternoon of the 15th, they were shocked to see a mainland China Type 054A guided-missile frigate crossing the center line of the Taiwan Strait. They also clearly saw the warship number 532, which was confirmed to be the Chinese navy frigate “Jingzhou.”

The radar of the Penghu fishing boat showed the exact latitude and longitude position of the “Jingzhou”. It appeared at 118 degrees 52.889 minutes east longitude and 22 degrees 44.939 minutes north latitude, about 40 miles southwest of Qimei Island, which is commonly known as “Taiwan Shallow Dump.” Sea area.

Regarding whether the 054A guided-missile frigate of the Chinese Navy has invaded my country’s territorial waters, Zhuang Yiyu, the political director of the Penghu 146 Fleet of the Navy, said that he had not been authorized by the superior and would not respond.

The Penghu Marine Patrol team pointed out that the shallow waters of Taiwan near the middle of the Taiwan Strait have always been ambiguous on both sides of the strait. Taiwan and China have different determinations of the territorial waters of the two countries. Both sides will send warships to patrol from time to time to declare sovereignty and protect fisheries.

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