The Majestic City of Silvermoon Recreated in Minecraft – World of Warcraft

Many fans have recreated WoW regions in Minecraft in the past. This is for example the case of Naxxramasfrom Dark Portal but also of Shadowfang Keep and you scarlet monastery. There is even a trace of a colossal project consisting in reproducing Azeroth in its entirety. This time, it is the majestic city of Lune-d’Argent that is in the spotlight.

Appeared with The Burning Crusade, Lune-d’Argent is now neglected by players, who only visit it occasionally. Patch 9.2.5 nevertheless allowed the capital to see a few people pass through thanks to the blood elf quest.

Whether to pay homage to him or simply because he loves his architecture, Lillmy03 decided to recreate the city in Minecraft. The project is still in progress but we can already congratulate him because the job is already substantial! We recognize the entrance, the statue of Kael’thas or the pretty Promenade des Anciens. The Wayfarer’s Rest tavern is harder to recognize if you’re not used to it 😉

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