The man with the “cheese omelette”, who made the whole of France laugh by disrupting the direct line of a special envoy to the United States, has been found

A few seconds on BFMTV during the demonstrations of joy following the announcement of Joe Biden’s victory earned this American a rapid notoriety, especially on the French internet but also in America, and it is Forbes magazine which found.

His name is Meka Anyanetu, is 30 years old and works in the State Department in the US federal capital, according to Forbes.

It was on Saturday that the young man launched the now famous tirade which caused a laughter from the journalist who had just interviewed him.

“I went to France, it’s beautiful! I ate snail “, he exclaims, before moving on” I love croissant, hon hon hon “,” I love an omelette du fromage, hon hon hon. “

Meka Anyanetu, who took French lessons, knows well that we say an omelet “with” cheese, he told Forbes, but he explained that he was at that time so upset by the news of the election of Joe Biden that just occurred to him an episode of the cartoon “Dexter’s Laboratory” in which a character repeats “cheese omelet, cheese omelette”.

The journalist of BFMTV, Maxime Switek, also returned to the episode, saying he was “absolutely collapsed laughing” and find “completely crazy” that this brief moment has gone viral.

Meka Anyanetu, who was shirtless because his t-shirt was soaked by the sparkling wine with which he celebrated the election of Joe Biden, wants the French to know: he finds them “great”, he loves their bread and he can’t wait to return to France.

He also appealed for donations to pay for this trip, as well as a new t-shirt.


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