The Manfredi industrial park seeks to attract companies from the Río Segundo department

2023-09-19 15:39:58

The Ruta M Industrial, Logistics and Technological Park, located in the Cordoba town of Manfredi, aims to offer companies located in the Río Segundo department a superior alternative in terms of synergies, quality services and financing opportunities.

The project offers a differentiated zoning for metal-mechanical, agro-industrial, food, plastics, lumber, cement, electronics, logistics and distribution enterprises that are looking for a new location to concentrate business units or expand their operational capacity.

Circular economy and connectivity

The idea of ​​the park’s promoters is that the productive processes of the companies that are established are related by the inputs and raw materials they consume, the services they require, the products they produce and the waste they produce, generating synergies for progress. productive and environmental.

Route M is located at kilometer 639 of the Córdoba-Rosario highway.

Ruta M is located at kilometer 639 of the Córdoba-Rosario highway, a fast-moving road that is used to go from the capital of Córdoba to the ports of the city of Santa Fe and Buenos Aires.

Infrastructure and services

The property has an area of ​​20 hectares, divided into 53 plots of between 1,500 and 6,000 square meters each.

The infrastructure includes concrete streets at the access, distribution of medium and low voltage electrical energy, industrial and fire-fighting water network, public lighting with LED technology luminaires with autonomous generation through photovoltaic panels, perimeter fencing and 24-hour surveillance. hours.

Business opportunities

Several companies in the region, which are dedicated to various areas, have already opted to invest in the venture, which offers a marketing option with their own financing.

The property has an area of ​​20 hectares, divided into 53 plots.
The property has an area of ​​20 hectares, divided into 53 plots.

Those who acquire a lot have up to four years of financing, with a 12-month grace period so they can build their industrial warehouse in the Industrial, Logistics and Technology Park Ruta M de Manfredi.


Casa Margaria began operating on July 1, 1996.
Casa Margaria began operating on July 1, 1996.

By Diego Margaria, founder of Casa Margaria.

On July 1, 1996, we opened Ferretería Margaria, as our business was called at that time. We and a single employee attended to it. As in any business in this country, the beginnings were complicated but, with patience and a lot of work, we began to grow and retrace these 27 years of experience.

We were incorporating new products and more personnel. By 2000, we had already built the second floor, where we added the entire line of electricity, lighting and hardware.

We passed the hard blow of the exit from convertibility and continued with that virtuous process of growth and development.

Foray into e-commerce

In 2018, the emergence of new technologies pushed us to embark on e-commerce sales. First it was through Mercado Libre and then we added social networks and our own website. It was a complex process, because everything was new and we had to learn from each situation that arose.

Once the pandemic was over, when we were able to position ourselves considerably within the sector on these platforms, we decided that it was time to divide the now Casa Margaria into two business units: the agro-industrial hardware store, electricity and lighting with physical attention to the public for a one hand, and online sales with its own structure on the other.

Search process

This is how we began to look for a physical space to build the new project. It was not easy, because we had to consider the geographical location and the price per square meter.

Diego Margaria, creator of Casa Margaria.
Diego Margaria, creator of Casa Margaria.

I was in that process until Ruta M appeared. I contacted its promoters at the beginning of this year and, after a couple of months of conversations, we finally acquired a one-hectare plot to develop the venture.

The project

The idea is to build a thousand square meter warehouse with offices on that lot, where only the online sales business unit will be developed. We invest with the perspective of expanding the plant according to the growth we have.

At the beginning there will be eight collaborators, distributed in sales, marketing, administration, logistics and dispatch tasks. The plan is to begin building the warehouse in mid-2024.

Why there?

The advantages of the industrial park are many, but above all being accompanied by peers in this challenge to be able to share and exchange ideas and concerns. There are also tax benefits, which put us in a very competitive position. This added to the security, control and support that means being in a pole that has the attention of the State.

I would tell other entrepreneurs to bet on Ruta M, because the location and logistics are very good, the development is on track and the conditions are going to be the best. You have to have a little patience for the infrastructure works to be completed, but time passes quickly and everything arrives.

In this sense, I want to thank the municipal authorities for the time they gave me and for their willingness to allow me to access the purchase of the land, which will be a great boost for Casa Margaria.


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