the marks of support are multiplying for Jules Plisson, mocked by the Brivist public

The striker from La Rochelle, lacking success, was the target of gibes on Saturday. Pushing his coaches to take him out during the match. A relentlessness deplored by the president and the captain of the CAB.

« Plisson a song, Plisson a song …“Saturday, the public of Brive was ruthless towards the opening half of Stade Rochelais. Making him live an ordeal facing the poles. Jules Plisson has indeed missed three penalties, including two (46e and 49e) in a very good position. Largely in its strings. An awkwardness that CAB supporters celebrated by loudly chambering it. Wickedly even. Against the supposed values ​​of fair play of rugby. They had prepared their shot. Destabilize the striker who, when he was officiating at the Stade Français Paris, had already experienced two ordeals at the Amédée Domenech stadium (12 points missed in 2016, the penalty of the missed win in 2017, Editor’s note).

« It is unacceptable what he lived. »

Vincent Merling, president of Stade Rochelais

A relentlessness that pushed its president, Vincent Merling, to go down to the edge of the lawn to show his support for his player in disarray. “ The president of Brive explained to me the why of things. I accepted, accepted, accepted… But it became so unbreathable that I put myself in Jules’s shoes and left the stands in protest. I couldn’t stand it. As I knew he wouldn’t make the whole game, I wanted to be there to welcome him, to be supportive. It is unacceptable what he lived, insisted the boss of Stade Rochelais questioned by Sud-Ouest. You can criticize a team, but a man, by name, like that, is unbearable. “And to prevent:”we will have to be in support of Jules, because it is very difficult for him. »

Entered at 7e minute, Jules Plisson was replaced at 54e. To preserve it from this room which has become unhealthy. Which was not to the taste of several players in the match. Starting with the captain of the CAB, Saïd Hirèche went to check on his opponent in the locker room. Directing his teammates from La Rochelle to “help him get up“. Two hours after the meeting, the Brivist president, Simon Gilham, split a message of support on Twitter. “My best regards to Jules Plisson, a good player and a handsome man. Personally, I struggle with chambering some of our audience. Support our own, respect others.»

Marks of affection

Jonathan Danty, who was his teammate at the Stade Français before joining him in La Rochelle, came to support his friend. “It’s a shame that it turned out like that for him. (…) Jules is going through a delicate period, but everyone knows what he is worth. He’s been very good and I think he still has a lot of good things to do. And I trust him.“Marks of affection which will not be too much to help the player, who will not be retained by the maritime club at the end of the season (and of the contract), to recover.

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