Entertainment The Marseillais in the Caribbean: Maeva Ghennam in tears...

The Marseillais in the Caribbean: Maeva Ghennam in tears for Greg, Allan in shock … Replay of episode 9


During episode 8 of the Marseillais in the Caribbean, Paga was close to Océane and this provoked the jealousy of Victoria. Besides, she didn’t hesitate to tell him. Paga realizes that Vivi likes him and he appreciates … He takes the opportunity to apologize. Later, the booker sends a message to Julien Tanti to announce that she has found a shaman to bewitch Greg who is madly in love with Maeva Ghennam. And there, the reaction of the young woman is more than surprising! Maeva started to cry begging Greg not to go. She doesn’t want him to forget it. But for Greg, it’s time to move on. He has suffered too much since their breakup. Maeva’s reaction necessarily shocked Allan, who was very clearly disappointed.

Maeva Ghennam

After recovering hair, a swimsuit and photos of Maeva, Greg goes to see the shaman with Paga. And on the way, he bursts into tears. But Greg is determined to forget it and after the shaman’s ritual, he feels better. He then gives her a candle to let light for 48 hours. Back at the villa, Greg tells the story and Maeva is in shock. She didn’t think he was going to forget it so quickly. For their part, Océane and Victoria discuss and realize that Paga is playing on two tables. They then decide to confront him and he is clearly in a bad position. Tomorrow, a couple will form. Otherwise, do you know Benjamin Samat?

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