The Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6: Julien Bert and Hilona again as a couple, internet users do not validate and lynch them

All viewers remember it, Julien Bert and Hilona were torn for a long time before getting back together on the set of Objectif rest of the world ! The two candidates separated again during the broadcast of the program on W9, and Hilona seemed determined not to get back with him. Only, Hilona and Julien Bert have given each other a chance in Les Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6, and they formalized their couple just here ! Are Internet users validating this relationship again? The editorial staff of melty invites you to discover their reactions without further delay., and they are unanimous …

Following this publication made by the Instagram account ShayaraTV, Internet users have expressed themselves and balance: “In truth they separate for nothing … And you have hilona who makes 3910329 tiktok aimed to get back with? Forced the breakup was a staging for the jpp shoot”, “And to think that it was the most normal couple “,”Wasn’t she the one who criticized Greg in previous episodes by saying that his relationships were toxic? And bah “... A return of the couple who should not please either in the future episodes of the cross! Also discover here the speech of Julien Bert who recovered with Hilona after LMvsMonde6.

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