The Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6: Simon back after being excluded, internet users are angry

A few days ago, we were able to witness the departure of Simon from the shooting of the Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6. If the young man explained that he wanted to leave the adventure to take a step back, the truth is quite different … It turns out that in the episode which will be broadcast tonight on W9 and which is available on Salto, Catalia will explain that Simon was excluded after aggressive behavior towards Tristan! But as he asked to return to the adventure after apologizing, she asks the candidates to vote for or against his return. And Simon will come back to the competition. What made Internet users angry! The proof below …

“The return of Simon is a shame. The production made a big mistake, it totally discredits the show. Too bad there is no rebel candidate who could have scandalized this decision. They are all from sheep unfortunately (…) What Simon is coming back after his unacceptable behavior against Tristan pffff? Thank you papa Castaldi (…) Simon was excluded from the adventure because he behaved aggressively towards Tristan. Ok and you dare to take it back ??? Pffff 0 shame you too Banijay! “, we could read among the multiple tweets. Simon will he react? It’s a case to be continued … Speaking of Simon, know that he responded to Bastos’ last tackle and it’s violent.

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