The maximum was 8 thousand and there were 10 thousand people

After a complaint made during the afternoon of this Monday, the Mall Plaza Oeste was closed by health authorities because it exceeded the public capacity allowed as a result of the measures taken by COVID-19.

Therefore, clients of the enclosure can only leave the shopping center and not enter.

The inspection was carried out by the Seremi de Salud, Paula Labra, together with PDI staff. This procedure was finalized after a citizen complaint that captured the large influx of public in the mall, exceeding the allowed capacity by more than a thousand people.

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According to the broadcast image, at that moment there were 9,919 people inside the enclosure. However, the amount of public allowed inside is only 8,303.

Authorities toured stores and corridors of the mall, realizing that indeed the sanitary measures were not being respected. Because of this, a health summary and this Tuesday they will continue to monitor the shopping center.

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According to Paula Labra, “when there is a failure as big as the capacity in a mall, which is a closed place, they must have another alternative to control access to people or simply not allowing more people access, which is the measure we have taken at this minute ”.

Tomorrow we will come to audit again that the capacity and the control system are complied with in all their income ”, concluded the Seremi de Salud.


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