The mayor EELV of Bordeaux refuses to install a “dead tree” of Christmas in his city and draws the wrath of the right

With the money usually spent on the Christmas tree, the town hall will finance the live performance, aid to traders and charities.


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Precious tradition or simple “dead tree” ? The desire of the new environmentalist mayor of Bordeaux, Pierre Hurmic, to do away with the traditional Christmas tree on the town hall square, earned him on Friday September 11, a flurry of criticism mainly from the right, local and national. The city councilor mentioned “dead Christmas tree”, the large illuminated Christmas tree, about 15-20 meters high, which lights up the Place Pey-Berland every December, on the side of the cathedral, opposite the Bordeaux town hall.

“We will not put dead trees on the town squares, especially on the Place Pey-Berland, you keep the memory of this dead tree that we brought in every year. It is not at all our conception of revegetation “, did he declare.

“The cost that was allocated to this particularly expensive operation, we will do instead of the live performance, and the budget saved will also finance aid to traders and charities, so that this budget is marked and not lost”, he continued. Pierre Hurmic also announced a series of measures on security, town planning and the greening of Bordeaux. And in particular an inventory of “all the places in the city where we can plant” trees in “islands, squares, plots, isolated trees, even”.

Voices to the right were moved by the fate of the Bordeaux fir tree. “Call me old world if you like, but the Christmas tree, the Tour de France and all those traditions that unite us will always be the glue of a society”, tweeted Xavier Bertrand, president of the Hauts-de-France region. LR deputy Eric Ciotti denounced “the green nicknames”, “true left extremists” who “under the guise of saving the planet” tackle Christmas, “a real delirium! The awakening will be painful in Bordeaux, Lyon …”

“The Christmas tree, ‘a dead tree’ for the Greens ?! These people have a visceral rejection of everything that makes up our country, our traditions, our culture and will try to dismantle everything piece by piece,” reacted for its part the president of the National Assembly. Asked about this on franceinfo, the Minister Delegate in charge of + Citizenship Marlène Schiappa declared that “the green does not like the joy of others”.

Faced with the outcry, Pierre Hurmic tried to reassure: “The magic of Christmas will be preserved!” he says on his facebook page. Instead of traditional fir trees, “the living trees of Place Pey Berland and Place Jean Moulin will be illuminated”, promises the mayor. ” The budget saved will be devoted to charitable, commercial and cultural associations that will ensure the enchantment of the place during this period of communion and solidarity.“, adds Pierre Hurmic, telling himself “ready for all proposals to animate this place at Christmas.”

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