The mayor of Sables d’Olonne calls out to Macron: “It is not too late to bring a little humanity to the return of the sailors” – Vendée Globe

Distraught with the closed doors imposed for the arrival of the Vendée Globe, Yannick Moreau wrote to the President of the Republic.

His letter looks like a bottle thrown into the sea, but the mayor of Les Sables d’Olonne refuses to abdicate. 48 hours after learning that the arrival of the 9e Vendée Globe, scheduled for Wednesday for the first competitors, would take place behind closed doors, the city councilor spoke to Emmanuel Macron to demand an adjustment of health restrictions in order to offer a little popular fervor to sailors returning to port.

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“Between sailors and landowners there is a permanent bond of care and affection that no one can break. This link is hope, the hope of meeting again, of seeing the boat point its bow at the end of the channel, the hope of being able to welcome it on the quay or the pontoon, the hope of being able to live fully this reunion. The Vendéen Globe is no exception to these traditions of seafarers. The Vendée Globe is much more than a single-handed sporting event around the world or a health and additional administrative file to deal with. The Vendée Globe is a human adventure that brings millions of people around the world to travel and hope. For the magnitude of this Adventure, to the heroism of its sailors, France cannot respond with the silence of docks closed to the public, ”explains the elected official, formerly LR.

“There must be a balanced way to ensure a warm and human presence”

Yannick Moreau

Anticipating future medal presentations to the winner and to the hero Jean Le Cam for his act of bravery towards Kevin Escoffier, Yannick Moreau continues: “France cannot be satisfied with a few legions of honor awarded in a cozy living room. The most beautiful legion of honor for Vendée Globe skippers is the clamor of the public along the Sables d’Olonne channel. Mr. President, in a very constrained health context and with optimal protection rules that the mayor of Les Sables is the first to want to enforce, there must be a balanced way of ensuring a warm and human presence on the edge of the channel to welcome the Vendée Globe skippers with dignity, while respecting our centuries-old maritime culture ”.

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The suggestion of the mayor of the Vendée resort? “To allow a few inhabitants of the Port of Sables, filtered and entering a strict and defined gauge, to welcome the Vendée Globe skippers as they should”. “I made a number of proposals to the Prefect of Vendée in this regard. They have not been heard, but it is not yet too late to bring a little humanity to the return of the sailors from the Vendée Globe, insists Yannick Moreau. I am, Mr President of the Republic, at the disposal of the State to work and implement any measure which would allow the sailors of the Vendée Globe to be given the public honors they deserve. ” While the specter of a new confinement hangs over France, nothing says that the spray will carry sufficiently strong this cry of the heart from Sables d’Olonne.


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