The media learned about the possible change of the owner of “Kagocel” :: Business :: RBC

The asset may be acquired by Binnopharm Group – the first manufacturer of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine controlled by AFK Sistema and VTB – or its shareholders. The amount of the deal has not been disclosed, presumably it will be closed by the end of the year

Photo: Anton Novoderezhkin / TASS

The Kagocel brand may be transferred to Binnopharm Group, which is jointly owned by Vladimir Yevtushenkov’s AFK Sistema jointly with VTB, or to the group’s shareholders. About it informs “Pharmvestnik” with reference to two sources in the market.

One of the interlocutors of the publication stressed that there will be no direct deal between Nearmedic Group of Companies, which now owns Kagocel, and Binnopharm Group – the brand will be purchased through other legal entities of AFK Sistema’s subsidiary.

Another source of Pharmvestnik said that Nearmedic is now cutting staff, and the sale of Kagocel will be closed by the end of 2021.

Yevtushenkov will sell a stake in the manufacturer of Sputnik V to VTB

Photo: Andrey Rudakov / Bloomberg

AFK Sistema is an investment company, we are regularly working on various options, ”the press service of AFK Sistema told RBC. Binnopharm Group declined to comment.


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