The Medicines Authority: 14 days, the interval between receiving the Corona and influenza vaccines

She said Egyptian Medicines Authority, It is preferable to wait for at least 14 days as an interval between getting the corona vaccine and the flu vaccine and vice versa.

And the Medicines Authority continued: It does not matter which of the two vaccines is received first, as a precautionary measure to avoid the common side effects associated with receiving many vaccines, with the need to consult a specialized health care provider before receiving them at the same time.

The Medicines Authority said that the symptoms of receiving the corona vaccine are similar to the flu, due to the body’s reaction to the vaccine. It works, so if you get the flu shortly after you get the vaccine or within the two-week period, you may get the flu.

And the Egyptian Medicines Authority stressed the importance of receiving the seasonal influenza vaccine, because the influenza and corona viruses have similar symptoms, and added that the influenza vaccine does not increase the risk of infection with the Corona virus, nor does it protect against infection.


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