The meeting between the police unions and Minister Verlinden comes to an end: “She was badly informed and confused files, it is lamentable”

Started around 3:45 p.m., it ended three quarters of an hour later and was qualified as “catastrophic” by the National Union of Police and Security Personnel (SNPS). “Obviously, the minister had no mandate from the government to negotiate with us. She was poorly informed and confused files. It is lamentable,” lamented Thierry Belin, national secretary of the SNPS, at the end of the meeting conducted by videoconference from Zaventem.

“The actions will continue, more than ever,” concluded the union representative.

The common front, made up of the SLFP Police, the SNPS, the CGSP and the CSC Public Services, deplores the fact that no concrete decision has been taken for many years to increase the salaries of the police, to adjust the end of career. and compensate for the lack of means necessary for the practice of the profession.

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