the Mégane of the future will be electric

Renault’s future lies in the electrification of its range. In fact, the brand of the rhombus, presided over for some months by Luca de Meo, has already shown the prototype on which the Mégane substitute will be built, and which will be “95% equal to the prototype presented”, according to the Italian.


The Mégane eVision advances the master lines of design and the technological commitment of the next generation of the Mégane, and wants to become a benchmark in the segment with a radical and daring commitment. In addition, the future Mégane electric will launch a new platform called CMF-EV on which Renault will develop the other electric models of the brand, and which will presumably be shared with its partners Nissan and Mitsubishi.

detail CMF-EV platform of the Mégane e-Vision

Aesthetically, the Mégane eVision is an exercise in attractive futuristic design, with which Renault wants to regain some of the prominence that the brand has lost in this segment in recent years. At first glance it highlights its high silhouette (which almost looks like a crossover), generous 20-inch wheels, a high waist and a light signature that bets everything on LED headlights.

Mégane e-Vision

This prototype, which is 4.21 meters long, is slightly shorter than the current Mégane (which is 4.36 meters long) but thanks to the arrangement of lithium batteries in the lower part of the car and the fact to propose a mechanics that needs less space than those of combustion, allows to present a greater capacity of load and a more diaphanous cabin with a battle or distance between axes more generous.

Luca de Meo with the Mégane eVision

Mechanically, the Mégane eVision uses lithium batteries with a capacity of 60 kWh, compatible in charging points of up to 130 kW of power and which should allow a theoretical range of more than 400 kilometers. In addition, its electric motor reaches 160 kW of power (equivalent to traditional 217 hp) and 300 Nm of torque, which delivers on the front axle.

The final version will be presented in 2021

Finally, Renault has assured that we will not have to wait too long to see the final production version of this model, as they plan to officially present it throughout 2021.


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