The Mentalist actor separated after 29 years of marriage

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Simon Baker, the actor of The Mentalist, and his wife of nearly three decades, actress Rebecca Rigg, have ended their relationship. After 29 years of marriage, the couple decided to discreetly go their separate ways in April last year, the magazine now confirmed. People.

“We continue to maintain a close and friendly relationship, and our three children will always be the most important focus of our lives,” Baker and Riggs said in a joint statement.

The actor and his until now partner had three children: Stella, 27 years old; Claude, 22, and Harry, 19.

Baker, 51, and Rigg, 53, met in the early 1990s and starred in the Australian soap opera E Street.

A couple with their own codes

Long ago, the star of The Mentalist he had opened up in an interview explaining why he and Rigg weren’t in the habit of celebrating their wedding anniversary. “We were never very fond of anniversaries. They are something strange, right? “, Said the actor in 2018 and added:” We are a team. Most of the time, 99 percent of the time, our relationship is one of great friendship, so it is not necessary to mark it with big celebrations. “

Baker later clarified, in this sense, that both he and his partner preferred the celebrations to take place spontaneously on unforeseen occasions: “When we put too much pressure on something, everything gets a little complicated and we don’t feel like we are ourselves. I think the most important thing in our relationship is that we are both capable of being ourselves and I think that is probably the most important thing in most relationships, isn’t it?

Simon was born in the city of Launceston, Australia, and it was in the Australian television world where he took his first steps as a sort of preparation for Hollywood, where he made several appearances in feature films such as Restaurant with Adrien Brody, in the Oscar-nominated “Naked Angels” and in the successful “The Devil Wears Fashion”, among other. But his greatest popularity was won by the hand of the small screen with the series The Mentalist.

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