The mentality of coke enterprises is better, the price of coking coal is relatively high, and the price is mainly operated.


According to monitoring by SunSirs, this week (11.14-11.21) refiningcoking coalPrice consolidation operation. The average market price at the beginning of the week was 2383.33 yuan/ton, and the average market price on November 21 was 2383.33 yuan/ton, a decrease of 22.49% compared with the same period last year. On November 20, the energy index was 1139 points, the same as yesterday, down 27.03% from the highest point in the cycle of 1561 points (2021-10-21), and up 122.90% from the lowest point of 511 points on March 1, 2016. (Note: The cycle refers to 2011-12-01 to now)

In terms of production areas, the price of coking coal is running at a high price, and the price of some coal types has risen slightly, and the mentality of mining areas has improved.downstreamcokeOn the one hand, after falling this week, it is temporarily stable, and the inventory of coke enterprises generally declines. At present, the inventory in the market is generally low, and the mentality of coke enterprises is stronger. The profit of steel mills is still not good this week, but as winter is approaching, steel mills have certain winter storage plans. Purchasing enthusiasm has improved.

According to the coking coal analysts of SunSirs: The price of coking coal is running at a high price. The demand for coking coal in the downstream coke has recently increased. Steel mills have a certain winter storage plan, and the enthusiasm for purchasing has increased. The temperature must rise, and the price of coking coal will be held up comprehensively, and the downstream market demand will be specifically considered.

(Article source: SunSir)

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