The Mérida City Council buys 115 tables for a problem of loans to educational centers

MÉRIDA, 19 (EUROPA PRESS) The Mérida City Council has launched a technology loan program for the city’s educational centers, for which it has acquired 115 tablets that will be transferred to the centers, in the event of total or partial closure on the occasion of the coronavirus, in order “to be able to cover the needs of students who do not have an electronic device” to continue with their online training.

To this end, the mayor of Mérida, Antonio Rodríguez Osuna, has met with the directors of the Primary and Secondary schools of the city of Mérida to inform them of the launch of this technology loan program.

Some devices that will be available to those students “who do not have technological material in their homes when they have to stay at home due to temporary confinement” due to the coronavirus, explained the mayor of Mérida.

In addition, Rodríguez Osuna has announced that new Cleaning staff will be incorporated thanks to the new Experience Plan “reaching a total of 64 workers”, which is “more than double the number we had before the pandemic,” the mayor said.

For their part, the directors of the city’s educational centers have received the mayor’s commitment to expand the staff of custodians in the schools of the capital of Extremadura, which will be done “thanks to the transition to second activity of several public officials next year “, Rodríguez Osuna has advanced.

“All these measures will help families to fight and better cope with this situation with these initiatives and new measures that we will announce in the coming weeks and that will have the commitment of the Mérida city council,” explains the mayor. TABLETS FOR STUDENTS Regarding the loan program launched by the Education Delegation, the Mérida City Council stands out that it is intended to “complement the technological endowment of the city’s educational centers in the event of having to face an educational scenario not face “due to coronavirus infections.

For this, the city council has acquired 115 tablets, with an investment of 18,150 euros, which will be transferred to the centers, so that in the case of total or partial closure, they can “meet the needs of students who do not have an electronic device, and that it cannot be covered with the devices available at the center, which allows them to continue their training online “.

Once the closure period established by the health authorities is over, the tablets will be returned to the Education delegation so that, after disinfection, they will be available to another center, and other students who may need them.

In this way, it is guaranteed that all schoolchildren in Mérida have an electronic device to carry out their tasks and continue their training electronically, in the event that their school has to face a closure period.

The Mérida City Council points out that this “important measure” is added to the initiatives launched since the beginning of this 2020-2021 academic year, such as the assignment of custodial staff on a stable basis to each educational center or the reinforcement of cleaning staff , and “satisfies a demand of families and educational centers” to increase the technological endowment.

Finally, the delegate of Education, Susana Fajardo, has reaffirmed that the government team “continues working, and gathering the demands of educational centers and families, to offer solutions that allow the education of our children to develop. in the safest way possible and with all means, in any scenario “, he concludes.

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