The mess with the property lot of the Space building

Those affected by the Space building continue to receive the property tax bill, now with an increase due to the increase in the appraisal of the lot. Details.

77 months have passed since that Tuesday, September 23, 2014, when at 9:00 in the morning and in 25 thousandths of a second the Space building, located in El Poblado, was imploded in Medellín. The same one that in 2013 had staged an emergency in tower 6, which collapsed and killed 12 people: 11 workers and a resident.

After 6 and a half years, the ghost of Space does not leave those who had their apartments in that place alone and with the implosion they lost their investment. “As if this nightmare did not end, the property tax bill continues to arrive, not from an apartment, but from a percentage of the lot that was left after demolishing the structure, with the seriousness that with that percentage we cannot do anything: neither plant a bush, or sell it, or give it away, “he says indignantly, while looking for the property tax bills, Mr. Carlos Ruiz, the owner of one of the apartments.

The reason why Don Carlos ended up with a piece of the lot is because after the emergency, the Superintendency of Companies ordered the liquidation of Lérida CDO, the construction company of Space, and the owners who did not reach an agreement with the company were assigned a percentage of the lot, according to the square meters that each one had in their apartment.

The owners of the lot

Today that 13,000-square-meter piece of land has many owners. According to the Medellín Cadastre Office, there are 50 owners of the domain, jointly owned. This means that 71.5% of the lot corresponds to the intervened company Lérida CDO, a percentage that was divided into 5 owners after the liquidation of the construction company, among them, the majority is the Mayor’s Office of Medellín with 26%, for having assumed the costs of the implosion. The remaining 28.5% of the lot is owned by 15 legal entities and 35 natural persons who never negotiated their rights with Lérida CDO (see infographic).

“I have 0.7% of the lot, I am one of those who never reached an agreement with Lérida and for that percentage I must pay the municipality of Medellín $ 4 million pesos a year, it is almost $ 400,000 a month for a lot that is not sold, no it is rented, it is not sold, nor can anything be done with it, ”added Don Carlos.

The same drama shares it Alexander rivas. “The Superintendency of Companies when liquidating the property gave the lot to those affected, represented in a coefficient that no one can have. I have 0.2% of the lot and the property tax keeps coming, “he explains.

The problem is that the tax for Carlos and Alejandro, as well as for the other owners, continues to accumulate. “I stopped paying the property immediately the apartment fell, because I stopped having an asset and I cannot conceive of paying the municipality for that. Today my debt amounts to 14 or 15 million pesos and I refuse to pay. I still run the risk of being seized for what I have already achieved with years of work after the emergency, is that I do not have the money and I am not going to pay for something that does not exist. I did not ask that that piece of the lot be put in my name, because I did not buy the coefficient of a piece of land, I bought an apartment to live in, “he says. Alexander rivas, to whom the percentage of the lot replaced his apartment of 90 square meters, with two parking spaces and a useful room.

That risk was not willing to run Carlos. “I did take advantage of the amnesty for tax debtors who gave in a pandemic and I paid 6 of the 14 million pesos that I owed, because I am afraid that what I have left will be seized,” he said. The problem is that it was updated until 2020 and the invoice for 2021 has already arrived, with an increase after the new appraisal made by the municipal Cadastre.

The appraisal changed

In 2020, the Undersecretariat of Cadastre of the municipality of Medellín carried out a cadastral update and for it the appraisal of the Space lot in 2021 went from $ 10 billion to $ 14 billion, an increase of 40%, which was reflected in the property tax, which also went up.

Ivan Mauricio Salazar, the Undersecretary of Cadastre of Medellín explained to EL COLOMBIANO the changes that the Space lot has had. “The property was built as a horizontal property in 2007 and was incorporated into the Cadastre in that same year for residential use. As of 2013, with the implosion, it was classified as a terrace, with which the appraisal decreased considerably and thus lowered the tax for the owners. But in 2016, the SuperSociedades determined, in files 400 003 334 of February 29, 2016 and 400 004 483 of March 18, 2016, the extinction of the horizontal property regulations, that is, the owners went from being part of a co-ownership of horizontal regulation to share the lot, which forced the Cadastre office to change the appraisal for the property tax ”.

In that 2016, the land went from being considered a terrace to an unbuilt urbanized lot, which generates that tax, by law 14 of 83, must be charged the highest property tax rate, that of 33 x 1,000.

“That is what is called in the street a fattening batch, charging us 3%. If I had known 8 years ago that at this point I was going to continue with problems for that land, I would have told them not to tear down the building, because today I am paying a more expensive property than when the house was: I pay $ 4 million a year and when I had the apartment it was $ 2,500,000 ”, says the owner Carlos Ruiz.

In the Cadastre office they responded to those affected. “Cadastral we cannot change the physical or legal reality of the property. The appraisal we made in 2020 was with the new urban planning methodologies and it was applied to the El Poblado industrial estate where the Space lot is located (see Map). That appraisal showed that in the area the square meter has a commercial value of $ 1,900,000 and was valued at $ 944,409 in 2016, ”said Undersecretary Salazar to explain the increase this year.

And he adds: “An individual appraisal is made to that property or to any of the city. We do a polygon appraisal and in the Space area that is the value returned. In addition, in 2016 the liquidator said that this property was valued at $ 10,348,000,000 and if we bring it to present value, it would remain today at $ 1,900,000 per square meter, according to the market. “

And although the land of the disappeared Space has not been able to be sold, Catastro assures that it cannot have considerations with that particular lot. “What is clear today is that the land is developable, it is in an area where the appraisal has already been updated and has no natural loads: creek residues, construction densities or problems. Cadastre cannot vary its appraisals because one property has a ghost, another a tree in the middle, or this one because it is Space. That is not our function, “Salazar said.

No Exit

Given the claims of the owners for the new appraisal of the lot, the Cadastre office explained that they could “file a request for review, but it is important that, as stated in resolution 70 of 2011 of the IGAC (Agustín Codazzi Geographical Institute), is accompanied by evidence that determines that the value assigned by the Cadastre is not that of the market. And the queen test is a commercial appraisal carried out by a qualified appraiser for it ”.

A procedure that Carlos and Alejandro do not believe will solve their problem. “I have tried in all administrations to ask for help: in the Hannibal Gaviria, in that of Federico Gutierrez and now in that of Daniel Quintero and none have given us a solution. What we want to say to the Mayor’s Office is that they receive us that lot and do whatever they want in it: build a park or whatever, but we don’t want to continue paying this tax for the rest of our lives, ”he says. Carlos Ruiz.

For his part, Alejandro, the other owner, asks that “someone responsible, who must be, pay me for my apartment. Do whatever you want with the lot, I give it to the Mayor’s Office, to the president, whoever wants to give him my coefficient, but I need the money I invested for my house and stop paying the tax for an apartment that does not exist “

$ 4

million is the value of the property per year for affected that has 0.7% of the lot.



per square meter is the new cadastral appraisal of the Space building lot.

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