The Meteorological Department issued a warning for summer storms 1-3 April before the temperature dropped 7 degrees.

The Meteorological Department issued a warning for summer storms 1-3 April before the temperature dropped 7 degrees in the Northeast, the North, the Central, the East, and the Bangkok reduced 4 degrees.

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On March 30, 65, the Meteorological Department Announcing the inclement weather in the upper Thailand and heavy rain in the south (Effective during 1–3 Apr. 20) “No. 2 dated 30 Mar. 2022

It states that during 1-2 Apr 65, the rather intense high pressure area from China will extend its ridge to cover upper Thailand and the South China Sea. While the upper Thailand is hot. causing the area to have summer storms

with the appearance of thunderstorms, gusts of wind, and some hail, as well as lightning that may occur in the early stages. After that the temperature will drop with strong winds. Especially in the northeastern region, the temperature will drop 5-7 degrees Celsius, while the north, central region, eastern region, including Bangkok and its vicinities. The temperature will drop by 2-4 degrees Celsius.

Ask people in the upper Thailand to be aware of the dangers of such dangers that may occur. by avoiding being in the open air under the big tree Billboards and unhealthy buildings For farmers should be prepared to prevent and be aware of damage to agricultural products as well. and take care of your health due to climate change during this period

Incidentally, the low pressure cell covers the central South China Sea. It tends to move through lower Vietnam, the tip of the Yuan peninsula and will move to cover the southern region during 2-3 Apr 65 causing the east and northeasterly winds. that prevails over the Gulf of Thailand and the south is becoming stronger As a result, the southern region has more rain and heavy rain in some places. The wind waves in the Gulf of Thailand will be stronger. The wave height is about 2 meters. In the area with thunderstorms, the wave height is more than 2 meters. People in the South should beware of the danger of heavy rain that can cause flash floods and flash floods. The sailors should sail with caution. and avoid sailing in areas with thunderstorms

Therefore, people are asked to follow the announcement from the Meteorological Department. and can follow the information at the Meteorological Department website or at 0-2399-4012-13 and 1182 24 hours a day.

Announced on March 30, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. The Meteorological Department will issue the next announcement on March 31, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.

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