The MetLife 15k turns to fund research to combat ADHD

The sixth edition of the 15 Km MetLife Madrid Activa, promoted by the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital and the Active Education Foundation, will be held on March 15 in Madrid, a race that will seek to reach 5,000 runners and will have medical-scientific purposes to help fund research to combat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

The test, which will begin at 9:00 am, will have its exit at Paseo de la Castellana, next to Plaza de Cuzco, and the goal at Puente del Rey. On this occasion, as a result of the remodeling of the Plaza de España, its route will be modified in the last third. The runners will still pass through important arteries such as Genoa, Sagasta, Carranza, Alberto Aguilera and Marqués de Urquijo.

The race will promote research, training and dissemination of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a neurological disorder that affects 7% of the child population even reaching adulthood in 60% of cases, and can cause up to 70% of school failure. Characterized by the difficulty of maintaining voluntary attention in the face of activities, both academic and everyday, it is linked to the lack of impulse control.

MetLife has hosted the presentation of this sixth edition, which was attended by Fátima Guzmán de Tordesillas, director and founder of the Active Education Foundation; Oscar Herencia, vice president of southern Europe and general manager of MetLife Iberia; Abel Antón, two-time world champion and sports director of the race; Nuria Fernández, twice European champion of 1500 meters; Diego García Carrera, European runner-up of 20 km march; and also the athlete Clara Simal, runner-up of Spain marathon.

Anton highlighted the uniqueness of the only 15-kilometer race that runs in Madrid. «We are very satisfied because, year after year, we are adding adherents, which encourages us to continue working in the organization. This year the goal is to reach 5,000 runners. And the forecasts cannot be better: we already have 2,500 registered. Hopefully in this final stretch we reach the dream figure, ”he said.

“It is an easy 15k to run on a circuit that we all dream of and that does not lose its original appeal in this edition,” he added. The double world champion will seek, along with Nuria Fernández and Clara Simal, “to enjoy running through the most beautiful streets of Madrid, without a doubt, a luxury.”

For his part, Fátima Guzmán de Tordesillas, thanked the organizational effort. «Thank you all for your help that serves us not only to improve the lives of affected children, but also to make visible a disorder until not long ago socially unknown. We are grateful to those who, as in the case of MetLife, have accompanied us since the beginning and contributed to our being more noticeable, ”he said.

Meanwhile, Oscar Herencia stressed his satisfaction for facing the sixth edition. «Our collaboration in this race was born with a vocation of continuity, linked to the opportunity to help children to fight ADHD. This adventure, which has allowed us to create 18 research grants throughout these years, is very important for us, since, together with the commitment it represents with society, it unites the values ​​of sport, improvement and work as a team, which are part of the AND of our company, as well as the promotion of the practice of a healthy life, ”he said.

During the presentation ceremony, led by the journalist Félix José Casillas, the organizers have delivered a accreditation card from the Brokers Club of the 15Km MetLife Madrid Activa, as founding members of the same, to the media, participants and sponsors and collaborators of the race present.

The Brokers Club is a free initiative that wants to favor a space of permanent relationship between the runners and the partners of the race, with multiple advantages for the former as a reward for their loyalty. .

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