The middle must not lose confidence in Corona measures

Et is to be feared that the protests against the corona measures in this country will soon become larger and more radical again, as in our neighboring countries. In Vienna, where tens of thousands demonstrate against lockdown and compulsory vaccination, the police spoke of a heated atmosphere. At least it remained largely peaceful. Quite different in Rotterdam: there was an orgy of violence.

Such riots already existed in Germany during the corona pandemic, albeit not to this extent. In Stuttgart and Frankfurt, for example, young men – mostly with a migrant background – fought street battles with the police. The lateral thinker demos in Berlin also saw “attacks on the heart of our democracy”, as Federal President Steinmeier put it in August 2020 after demonstrators had reached the steps of the Bundestag and waved the national flags.

These milieus, which for various reasons reject our democracy, will now probably let their hatred run free again – because they regard the Corona measures as oppression or simply see an occasion to freak out. You can’t get any further here with arguments. The only thing that helps is that the rule of law ensures that the extremists cannot even begin their violent game.

Regardless of this, the most important thing is that the majority of citizens understand the need for Corona measures. Short-sighted action with bad timing, as is the case with the BioNTech vaccine limitation, is of no help here. Of course, a refresher with Moderna makes sense – but then you should tell people that too and not make them feel like they’re getting a second-choice vaccine about to expire. This creates no trust, but even more rejection. That is far more fatal in the middle of society than on the fringes, which have long been lost.


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