The militia “petrol individual”: “enough is enough” in Maghdoucheh!

“Sedition is asleep, may God curse the one who awakened it”… One saying applies to this cursed authority that set the fires of “hell” in the wilderness of the country and awakened sedition, sectarian and regional strife in the souls after it stripped the national affiliation from the Lebanese community and revived the lines of contact between the people of the same nation over The rule of “survival of the fittest”.

Even in the midst of the civil war, the Lebanese did not experience a devastation worse than what they are currently experiencing under the hegemony of a strong authority over the people, whose legitimacy derives from the de-facto force and from the “excess power” of unarmed weapons from north to south and from east to west… It was added to its arsenal during In the recent period, the “gasoline individual” fell “militarily” in the hands of militiamen who are expanding in the regions to reinforce their armed control over the hoses of gas stations, as happened in Maghdouche, which repelled the militia’s invasion of Anqoun at the end of the week, “was not the first”, as the people of Maghdouche asserted, stressing that “Enough is enough, and the time for bullying is over us, and we will not sleep in affliction after today.”

The townspeople now feel as if “the Christian broke a stick”, especially since it was “not the first time that Ibn Anqoun had “attacked” Ibn Maghdusheh, and they remembered (pg. 7) that some young men “made up” recurring problems that always ended in meetings. “Twisting beards” under the slogans of “coexistence and fraternal relations” that bring together the people of the two neighboring towns, and one of them recalls “the crime of the town of Tanburit in 2007, which killed a member of the Internal Security Forces, and on that day no one was arrested…

In the face of the high level of congestion in the town, the people of Maghdouche and the wise people from Anqoun stress the importance of the role of the army and security forces in curbing the “thugs” and striking with an iron fist in the area away from any consideration or consideration for the de facto forces, because today there are those who openly play with the fire of sedition and succeeded In igniting its spark, and therefore the official agencies are required to assume their responsibilities and rush to extinguish it before it expands in an uncontainable way.

While the covenant covered “Kuma” and his movement issued a statement raising blame in which it was satisfied with expressing “concern” about what happened, it held the head of the “Lebanese Forces” party, Samir Geagea, direct responsibility to the President of the Republic and the head of the caretaker government for “the exacerbation of tension against the backdrop of the gasoline crisis, and no action was taken. Any security or judicial measures to ease it until the situation explodes” between Maghdouche and Anqon, stressing that “the solution is clear, which is to send the army with intensity and force in the two towns, and to give the necessary orders to stop any acts of encroachment and sabotage, and to issue immediate arrest warrants for the aggressors, otherwise you will waste the last thing.” We are left with civil peace.”


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