the militias are biding their time to take revenge on America

REPORTAGE – Pro-Iran Shiite groups want to make Washington pay for the deaths of Soleimani and Mohandes, killed a year ago by a strike from the United States.

In Baghdad and Basra

A paper lantern dimly lights a large banner attached to the front of a modest building in al-Mashraq, a poor suburb of Basra. Above, the faces of men in military fatigues stand proudly. All of them belong to the past, except that of Jawad Ruhaef Fuleh al-Daraji. Their commander is seated in the living room, surrounded by his sons, also fighters for the al-Muntazar brigade, a subgroup of the Kataëb Sayyid al-Shouhada militia, known for its activity in Syria, Iraq and its close links with the ‘Iran.

In the room adorned with pictures of him, heavy weapons in hand, the man exclaims: “I hate the United States, I would like to blow myself up right on their land!” In the battle against Daesh, Jawad, 59, white beard, however left a leg and a foot there that he could soon be amputated. But the warlord doesn’t care. At the Hache al Chaabi celebrations, in memory of Soleimani and Mohandes, both “eliminated” by order of Donald

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