The milk dog and wolf dog can switch freely this summer to get a refreshing youthful feeling by wearing it like this | wear | suit | summer_Sina

  Original title: The milk dog and wolf dog can switch freely this summer to get a refreshing youthful feeling

  Author: The trend is in stock

  TV drama“Crime Hunt”Kam“Have you all watched it?playmale protagonistShen Yi’sTan Jianci has recently become a popular fried chicken. Although he is 32 years old, he is still an expert in dressing, but he is a wolf and milk. He is good at wearing simple basic items with a sense of luxury, and has become a representative of refreshing boyfriend style.Come and learn about summer clothes with Teacher Tan today!

You can never go wrong with black and white. Teacher Tan uses the simplest basic white Tee with Maison Margiela wide-leg suit pants, Louis Vuitton TRAINER black and white sneakers, baseball caps from the American retro sports brand STARTER, and Valextra, an Italian leather goods brand. Tric Trac small box wrist bag, shoe bag accessories are all black and white stitching color matching to add a sense of hierarchy to the overall outfit.

White shirts and black trousers must be a must-have item in every boy’s wardrobe. You can never go wrong with this outfit for a beach trip. Tan Jianci wears Korean designer Zheng Xujun’s personal brand Juun. J wears the high street brand oamc printed white Tee co-founded by Supreme’s former chief designer Luke Meier and carhartt WIP’s former creative director Arnaud Faeh, with Loewe radish pants and Prada loafers for a refreshing summer like the sea. take.

The summer amusement park wear is a refreshing and practical mountain style. The domestic original brand Urban Standard “Lin is Xincheng” mountain series capsule series short-sleeved shirt wears white Tee and Peacebird men’s Solotex overalls, and wears MATNUT white and green canvas shoes , Refreshing green workwear, girls’ favorability is UP UP!

Sports Boy Tan Jianci’s riding outfit, Mr. Tan is wearing a Mountain Fever baseball sweater shorts suit, carrying a lot of Korean niche brand FIND KAPOOR genderless messenger bags that have appeared in many recent Korean dramas, and wearing a hoodie with the STARTER letter Logo. Baseball cap, wearing STARTER’s “Blue Friends” and “Big White” VOL bread shoes, and a blue suit of the same color is very suitable for sports scenes.

The cream color with low saturation in summer also looks very refreshing and youthful. Tan Jianci is wearing a retro street brand Saint Louis 2022 EUPHORIA excitement series cream white rhinestone splash ink T-shirt and shorts suit, Old Order SKATER-001 white and green & Mocha color matching sneakers, Mr. Tan really likes two-color matching shoes!

Another set of cream-colored outfits, Tan Jianci is wearing a full set of TODS 2022 spring and summer new products, a shirt jacket with pocket pants, beige black suede stitching sneakers, and gold-rimmed glasses are the temperament of an ascetic teenager .

  Last week introduced the summer all-match blackdress up,Teacher TanDressed in blackIt’s cute and cool, the Saint Louis magic neon collection of luminous ink short sleeves and the Boro collection of cashew stitched shorts are paired with a Vintage Chanel bag, and the ATTEMPT newsboy cap, Gentle Monster Le 01 sunglasses and Chanel metal and lambskin Airpods headphone chain are exquisite boys The style is matched with UGG yellow and orange Yui Mao slippers to light up the All Black shape, and another set of cool black is also matched with the same slippers.

  Sun protection jacket with white shoes and shouldersBag, full of vitality, male college students wear it, which girl sees itAre you excited!Tan Jianci wears the Moose Knuckles 2022 spring and summer series Haulover Jacket jacket and Sarasota Shorts shorts, and wears a black backpack from the Swedish niche brand Gaston Luga SPLÄSH series, which is refreshing and stylish.

Checkerboard is also a very popular element in summer. For this black and white outfit, Tan Jianci chose a Versace Dream Logo T-shirt with Off-White overalls shorts, a SHINELI metal patted soft leather fisherman hat, and an ACC super decoration x LEKZAI. Lekzai necklace and LEKZAI Lekzai chess master 1000% doll complement each other, does this kind of photography ingenuity give you some inspiration?

  Summer denim suits are also very fresh and inexpensivebraina kind of childMatching, Tan Jianci has worn MLB old-fashioned denim jackets, Japanese denim robes, and ordinary short-sleeved denim shirt suits in the past two months, showing the versatility of denim jackets in summer.

  The college style outfit also has some City Boy feel, and the harmless little milk dog is worn by the girl with a ruthless heart!American casual brand Nautica Japan line Logo white Tee with the same brand black and green striped long-sleeved Tee as a waistcoat, wearing sneakers custom brand Vandy Burger hamburger shoes, wearing gold-rimmed glasses, the youthful feeling is in place.

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