The Minister of Finance approves an amendment to the executive regulations of the income tax system

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Finance Minister Mohammed Al-Jadaan agreed to amend a paragraph of the executive regulations of the income tax system.

The decision, details of which were published by Umm Al-Qura newspaper, reads as follows:

First: Amending Paragraph (5) of Article (63) of the executive regulations of the income tax system issued by Ministerial Resolution No. (1535) dated 6/11/1425 AH, and its amendments to be as follows: “International telephone services mean: any sums paid to an entity Non-residents for services related to the provision of international telephony services from the Kingdom, and are not subject to tax withholding, amounts paid for the use of a local telecom company for an international telecom company’s network to pass, transmit or deliver calls made by a subscriber in the Kingdom when requesting any international call, and amounts paid to telecom companies international roaming services.

Second: This decision shall be notified to whoever is required to implement it, and it shall apply to amounts paid on or after the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

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