The Minister of Health with new data revealed whether there will be a total lockdown in the country!

“The increase in the cases of COVID-19 two or three days after the easing of the measures is due solely to the so-called British type of the virus on the territory of the country,” Health Minister Prof. Kostadin Angelov said in Veliko Tarnovo.

He stressed that the results of the study of 600 samples sent to Germany are expected to make it clear what the real picture is at the moment. In the areas with the greatest pressure on the medical establishments – Kyustendil and Burgas, over 90% of the samples have this new subspecies of the virus.

“This is also the reason for the suspension of planned operations, because this virus is difficult to detect with antigen tests, and medical institutions should not become a place for the spread of the virus,” he said.

According to the Minister, it will not be logical to “close” the whole country again, because it will not be fair for all settlements and people. As an example, he pointed out that in the Veliko Tarnovo region for the last four days the incidence is 165 people per 100 thousand people, while in Burgas this index exceeds 300, and in Kyustendil 400 patients of the same population.

“That is why we are talking about local measures and a local approach to crisis management, as we have already done,” said Prof. Angelov, adding that this is the way to stop the spread of the infection.

So far, more than 30,000 people have registered in the electronic registration system for those wishing to be vaccinated. The Minister stressed that there is no shortage of vaccines, the state has provided BGN 305 million for their procurement, and so far has paid BGN 15 million for delivery, as the payment is deferred.

“If all vaccines are delivered as planned by the manufacturing companies, Bulgaria will have 18 million doses, enough to vaccinate nine million people,” he said.


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