The Minister of Labor replies to Garamendi that “what is scary” is 92% of temporary contracts

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The Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, has responded to the president of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) that “what is scary” is that Spain has 92% of temporary contracts. In this regard, Díaz has announced that this week he will hold meetings with social agents to begin advancing the priorities of the new Executive.

The new head of Labor has made these statements after Garamendi said yesterday that he was “afraid” the battery of proposals, because there are 25,000 million euros of expenditure and income of 6,200 million.

Díaz has pointed out that it is “a bit exaggerated” and has expressed concern about the amount of temporary contracts in Spain: “Precarious lives is not the model of society we want and would like, and I will try, that the Employers work with these realities, because it is also good for entrepreneurs, ”he added.

In this sense, the new Minister of Labor has opined that it is convenient that collectively with social dialogue the precariousness is redefined, which today the CEOE «neither shares nor can share».

Asked about Garamendi’s statements that the SMI had resulted in the destruction of 15,000 household and 45,000 jobs in the field sector, the minister said that the employer’s own president acknowledges that the total bulk of the work “is not affected ».

“We have already made progress and Mr. Garamendi acknowledges that the total bulk of work is not affected,” he said, after highlighting that domestic workers deserve a ratification of Article 189 of the ILO so that they can have social protection from unemployment and this “It is an urgency.” In addition, he said he sees it legitimate that the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) would not like this current government, but is sure there will be respect.

This has been stated in statements to La Sexta, where he has assured that he has been with the CEO of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, and that, beyond the ideological differences that exist, they respect the roles that each one has. “The CEOE has come to affirm that it preferred an electoral repetition before this Government, but I am sure that the employer’s association, like the unions or the Spanish society, respects this Executive,” he added.

He has also made it clear that the ministers that make up the Government are “serious people” and will comply with what was signed. “We owe it to the agreement we have signed,” Díaz said. Asked about why she did not want to be a minister, she explained that it is a “huge” challenge and a very big responsibility, but that she is a responsible woman and that she will try to do “her best”. In addition, she said that it is an honor for her to be a minister of Spain. .


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