The Ministry of Health and its partners intensify awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco on oral and dental health

The Ministry of Public Health and health sector institutions in the State of Qatar are intensifying efforts to promote awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco consumption in all its derivatives on oral and dental health, in conjunction with the celebration of the World No Tobacco Day, which falls on May 31 each year under the slogan “Commitment to quit”.

The Ministry noted that refraining from consuming tobacco in all its forms and derivatives is an important factor in promoting better oral and dental health, including stopping smoking regular and electronic cigarettes, hookah and chewing tobacco.

In this context, Dr. Wafaa Al Mulla, responsible for the National Task Force for the Promotion and Prevention of Oral and Dental Health in the National Oral and Dental Health Committee, said that there are five main reasons why it is necessary to avoid the use of tobacco and its derivatives because of their severe harm to oral and dental health, namely: Prevention of infection Oral cancer, where smoking and tobacco use and all its derivatives are considered one of the causes of oral cancer, and attributed this to the carcinogenic chemicals found in tobacco, in addition to the delay in healing, noting in this regard that tobacco use may lead to a delay in the healing process, especially in dental operations, such as Implants, tooth extractions, and gum disease operations. Tobacco use also leads to infection and inflammation of the gums and bleeding easily, which leads to loosening of the teeth and thus loss.

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She added that among the reasons also, tobacco use works to accumulate bacteria that can cause inflammation in the mouth (bad breath), and tobacco is considered one of the worst causes that lead to tooth pigmentation due to the formation of excess deposits on the teeth, which gives them a yellow to brown color. .

It is worth noting that this year the World Health Organization launched a campaign under the slogan: “Decided to Quit Tobacco Today”, in order to support the millions of tobacco users who are striving to take steps to save their lives, but who still need help to succeed.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director of the World Health Organization, said that smokers face a 50% greater risk than others of severe illness and death due to the Corona virus (Covid-19), and therefore quitting smoking is the best thing that smokers can do to reduce the risk Corona virus infection, as well as the risk of cancer, heart disease and respiratory diseases.

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, globally, nearly 39% of men and 9% of women use tobacco, and the highest smoking rates are currently in Europe at 26%, with expectations indicating a decrease of no more than 2% by 2025 If urgent government action is not taken.

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