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The Ministry of Health denies a “circulation” issued in its name!

In a statement, the Lebanese Ministry of Health denied that the circular circulating through social media was issued by it, noting that the ministry had nothing to do with it, alerting it to its publication.

And this circular attributed to the ministry stated: “The Ministry of Health addresses and warns citizens not to go to hospitals when they feel symptoms of Corona or any other disease. Quick response, each team consists of 5 people.

And the circular added, “If you suspect infection and these symptoms appear (shortness of breath – coughing – fever), stay at home and do not go to any hospital, medical center or clinic, your exit will spread the virus more, call 195, the response team will reach you and they will examine you and provide full care. For you, for everyone who received the message and did not publish it, know that you are a partner in killing your people.

With the greetings of the Ministry of Health, please contact the number below in case of suspicion of infection with the Corona virus.

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