The Ministry of Health recognizes that the failed tests that have been returned to China are more than 50,000


PP and Vox ask the Government for the administrative file regarding the purchase of the tests, and for the Minister of Finance to appear

Health to return 659,000 rapid tests that do not have the required reliability /

HeMinistry of Healthrecognizes the failed tests that I acquired from the Chinese companyShenzhen Bioeasy BiotechnologyIt was not 8,000, but more than 50,000. That is, in addition to those that were distributed -without prior validation- to theMadrid’s communityThere were another 50,000, who “arrived in different batches,” as confirmed by this newspaper sources from the department led by Salvador Illa.

Health insists that these tests were never used and that they have already been returned. And that the 640,000 listed by Bioeasy will obviously not be of that type, but will have a higher certification, and proven reliability.

The director of Health Emergencies, Fernando Simn, explained at a press conference that tests were carried out on the first batch, and “those tests, like the following remittances, were returned, and the company will provide other tests that respond to the necessary specifications and sensitivity. “

“Soon we will have these quick tests that do seem to be of the required quality,” added Simn. Meanwhile, in Spain about 15,000 tests are performed per day, through the testslowbut accurate, known as PCR.

Minister Illa reiterated, at a press conference in La Moncloa, that the purchase was made through a regular supplier. “The first 9,000 have not passed the quality systems.” “The 50,000 units that had arrived have not been distributed, and the 640,000[apalabradas]They are all going to be replaced by others with the standards that we demand, “he added.

Illa has also announced that the new tests that will be received shortly (more than 5 million tests) will be “verified” before they are delivered to the autonomous regions, contrary to what was done with the more than 8,000 that were delivered to the Community of Madrid.

Rapid tests to detect coronavirus infection purchased by the Ministry of Health in China do not work well. They have a sensitivity of 30%, when they should exceed 80%. And what does that mean? “That the tests are not valid, because they give many false negatives,” health officials from the Community of Madrid explained to this newspaper.

The scandal of rapid tests has “pissed off” healthcare workers, who were the first recipients of these diagnostic tests.CSIF, the majority union in the public sector, has issued a harsh statement in which it underlines that “public health personnel face the weekend with indignation, disbelief and exhaustion at the latest information on the acquisition of failed tests, the shortage of means, the saturation of the centers. “

To this “are added statements by political leaders at national and regional level that do not help our professionals and spread a general feeling of anger,” he adds. “CSIF continues to insist on the need to carry out tests on health personnel currently in quarantine so that they can return to their posts,” the union added.

The main opposition political parties have been quick to demand accountability. Both the PP and Vox have sued the government for the administrative file related to the purchase of the Covid-19 rapid tests. ThepopularThey have demanded the appearance of the Minister of Finance, Mara Jess Montero, in addition, for her involvement in the centralization of purchases, and after it was learned that her department requested “containment” of health spending from the autonomous communities.

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