The Ministry of Health reveals the end date of the syncytial virus and ways to prevent infection

Dr. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, said that the respiratory syncytial virus is widespread in the entire Egyptian society and not only in schools, indicating that this spread occurs frequently in the fall and early winter season worldwide, but the Corona crisis during the past two years made us forget that.

Abdel Ghaffar added, during his meeting with the media, Engy Anwar, on the “New Egypt” program broadcast on the “EtC” channel today, Tuesday, that any viral wave has a beginning, an escalation, and an end, and the spread of the syncytial virus will end as soon as it enters the winter season.

And he continued: “The syncytial virus spreads rapidly, but its symptoms are like a cold, and the death rates due to the virus are very low compared to the Corona virus, and it is not as dangerous as Covid 19, and its spread among children and adults and the infection is very normal, but it is not as dangerous as the Corona virus.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population appealed to families of the importance of increasing immunity through good nutrition, drinking plenty of fluids, continuous disinfection of surfaces and hands, good ventilation and wearing a mask in crowded places, with the importance of obtaining the influenza vaccination to prevent infection with the syncytial virus.

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