The Ministry of Public Health discusses 6 importing companies to report the need for 120 million doses of anti-mutant vaccine next year.

MoPH discusses 6 companies to import vaccines Informing the need for the second generation vaccine against mutant germs 120 million doses in ’65, giving homework to the importing company, informing the production plan – delivery to Thailand

At 5:00 p.m. on July 20, Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong Director-General of the Department of Disease Control Press release via the “webex” system on plans to supply the vaccine against COVID-19 for 2022 that after the 20 million doses of Pfizer vaccine for 2021 were signed earlier this morning. Later that same afternoon Ministry of Health Six vaccine importing companies were invited to import various vaccines, including mRNA with Pfizer Moderna, viral vector technology. both of AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, inactivated vaccines Both Sino Farm and Sinovac, as well as the Pharmaceutical Organization that have developed inactivated vaccines as well, discussed and exchanged information on the production of second-generation vaccines to support the mutant strains. for use in Thailand in 2022, as it is well known that When the virus has mutated The effectiveness of the vaccine is reduced. Initially, the Ministry of Public Health. Informed the plan to use the vaccine by 2022 in the amount of 120 million doses.

The Ministry of Public Health Was given as a homework to the leading company to consider whether it can develop new vaccines. including how much will be able to produce and deliver to Thailand Before negotiating to reserve a vaccine in the next opportunity, the Government Pharmaceutical Organization also reported the progress in the field of vaccine production in Thailand. While it has passed the Phase 1 human research phase, it is now entering the Phase 2 human research phase. Vaccines produced by other technologies such as protein subunit or others will be invited to discuss the next day. However, there were always discussions together before.

When asked if the number of 50 million doses of Pfizer vaccine in 2022 was previously disclosed, is this still the proportion or if there is a change? Opas reiterated that it was a negotiation process. where we provide information that our needs are Or how much does he have to offer to Thailand? It’s the same for every company to see a number of 120 million doses. It’s up to the company to do its homework that Thailand needs this amount. In new generations, new formats, how much will the company find, and when?

The reporter asked about the progress of the 2021 vaccine that Thailand negotiated to exchange vaccines. Then the destination country changed to a donation, Dr. Sophon Iamsirithavorn. The deputy director-general of the Department of Disease Control said that the vaccine that Thailand is trying to acquire in addition to about 1,050,000 doses of Japan donated by Japan, has been negotiated with the other two countries that are in talks. which the donor country asks him to be an announcer next week Therefore, people are asked to be patient and wait for a while. but there is a high probability

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