“The mixture of doses is not optimal” estimates a specialist

COVID-19 cases are plummeting in Quebec despite the relaxation of health measures. It is mainly thanks to the good functioning of the vaccine, notes Jacques Lapierre, retired virologist.

Mr. Lapierre, however, is skeptical about the mix of vaccines. If he doesn’t think it’s dangerous, he doesn’t think it’s optimal.

He doesn’t like drug companies doing massive clinical studies on the use of vaccines, but not mixing them.

“We make the decision on the basis of small studies of maybe a thousand people and we tell you it’s safe. I think we should go into positions like that only when we are short of vaccines, ”he said.

He explains that the vaccines should be used as tested in clinical trials on several thousand people.

Mr. Lapierre notes that if we run out of second dose vaccines, we can go with another vaccine. On the other hand, if these are available in large quantities, like Pfizer and Moderna, they should not be mixed.

“Currently, I have seen a lot of people who have had Pfizer in the first dose and Moderna in the second dose. I wouldn’t do it, ”he notes.

However, Lapierre notes that there is no real risk in receiving an extra dose.

“The only risk is if your immune system overreacts because your body is building antibodies. You might get a little stronger side effects, a little more fatigue, but the doctors say it’s safe. ”


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