The Modem is fracturing in Ile-de-France

This is not the clarification that François Bayrou would have liked. Of the 13 MoDem regional advisers who currently sit in Ile-de-France, 7 will announce this Tuesday, in a press release that we have obtained, that they will support the candidacy of Valérie Pécresse in the next regional elections. Among them, Yann Wehrling, the former secretary general of the party, Farida Adlani, vice-president of Ile-de-France in charge of health, and Béatrice Lecouturier, the current president of the MoDem group in the region …

The press release supporting Valérie Pécresse

Of the other six elected, five will follow the line set by François Bayrou by lining up behind the walking candidate Laurent Saint-Martin, and one will not stand for re-election. This is the epilogue of several weeks of negotiations that have turned into a standoff in recent days. On the one hand, the Pécressistes had a weighty argument: they have governed the region with Pécresse for 6 years, they have always voted for the budget, why would they go to the voters under another banner? On the other hand, the MoDem leadership tried to plead that since the last regional elections, something had happened in 2017 in the country and that they had to act in loyalty towards of their party and its alliance with Macron. In vain.

The schizophrenia of the Modem finds its limits, as in the municipal elections. Ally with Macron in Paris, but with his adversaries in the regions. How complicated! Times are hard for François Bayrou… Proportional, regional, the centrist leader seems to have lost his influence over Macron and his authority over his troops. The two are undoubtedly linked.

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