The moment Sehun arrived for Dior show in Egypt – Video | news

The famous Korean singer, Sehun, arrived in the pyramids area, to attend the Dior Men’s Winter 2023 fashion show.

Sehun wore a suit designed by Dior Dior, and their men’s fashion designer Kim Jones, and it came in gray with a pullover printed with the name of the famous French house.

From the pyramids to the palace of Muhammad Ali.. Korean singer “Sehun” documents his journey in Egypt

It is noteworthy that Sehun, a Korean singer and songwriter, was born in South Korea in 1994. Sehun is famous for his distinguished performance in the EXO music group. Sehun also entered the field of acting, and participated in the series Now, We Are Breaking.

Sehun’s visit came among a large group of international stars to attend the Dior fashion show, including Robert Pattinson, Naomi Campbell, Mena Massoud, Cha Eun Woo, star of ASTRO, Aaron Piper, star of Elite series.

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