The money of the Imam Ashour deal revives the treasury of Zamalek Club

The Zamalek club treasury is booming with bargain money Imam Ashour Who left the white team for external professionalism within the Danish club Maitland, to give the return of the deal to the white club officials financial flexibility to solve crises and pay the players’ dues during the coming period.

Club officials stipulated Zamalek Obtaining a payment for the Imam Ashour deal in one payment, and its value is close to 100 million Egyptian pounds, which was approved by the Danish club officials, by transferring the material sums to the treasury of the White Club without installments.

In a different context, Osama Nabih, the technical director of Zamalek, is holding intensive sessions with Ahmed Fattouh, the left back of the team, who has been away from participating for a while, to motivate him technically and raise his morale after he was excluded throughout the last period and felt in a state of distress after he left the team’s list in the last Future match for Equipping him in the hope of using him in the upcoming matches.

Osama Nabih intensifies his sessions with Fattouh to prepare him mentally and technically to return to participate with the team after his absence in the past confrontations, due to his crisis, and the technical director wants to prepare all the elements that he will rely on in the next stage.

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