The “Monsieur Cuisine” food processor is back at discount prices before Christmas!

December 3, 2020 is a date to mark on your calendar. It is the day chosen by Lidl to market, again, its famous food processor which is called Monsieur Cuisine Connect, the star of the household appliance, offered for sale at a price of 359 euros. It should be, once again, a box.

The robots, sold under the Silvercrest brand, will be deployed in 1,500 Lidl stores in France on December 2. As in previous operations of marketing, the chain of stores will market 200,000 Monsieur Cuisine Connect. There is a real craze around this product. Marketed for the first time in the summer of 2019, the devices were a hit. Everything had been sold in less than a day. The crowd had really rushed, the product was quickly sold out.

Lidl: Consumers who denounce the organized shortage

Some consumers have denounced the shortage organized by Lidl to allow the discount chain to attract as many customers as possible to the store. But on the side of the supermarket chain, the argument is refuted: “ in the summer of 2019, we had a huge slap because we had underestimated what we were capable to sell “, explains to Business Insider France Michel Biero, executive purchasing manager of the brand in France. Lidl has never sold an item at this price in France until now. “ The average price of a product at Lidl is rather below 2 euros “, he says. A robot sold at a price of 359 €, it was a delicate bet to make at that time. ” We think in number of stores. Imagine, if I take even ten robots for each of our 1,500 points of sale. Marketed at 359 euros, this represents a volume of nearly 54 million euros », Explains the manager. But the risk has paid off.

Monsieur Cuisine Connect: a box!

The Monsieur Cuisine Connect appliance was marketed at the end of 2019, then in June 2020. It was a success. Competitors have also positioned themselves in this market. Indeed, Lidl encroaches on the market of the giant Thermomix which practices much higher prices with machines over 1,000. euros for some models. It is the market benchmark. Other players are offering robots at cut prices. At the end of 2019, Intermarché stores launched a Digicook robot at a price of 349 euros. In May 2020, Fagor offered a “Fagor connect”, a cooking appliance sold at 359 euros.

What outlook for future sales?

Following these three exceptional sales organized by Lidl and with the advent of competitors, have sales declined? Apparently not according to Lidl. « We sell around 200,000 items per transaction », Explains Michel Biero. But, ” Where before it only took one day, it now stretches for about a week “. Enough to reassure Lidl in its marketing strategy. Lidl has already placed an order from Monsieur Cuisine Connect for a new operation scheduled for 2021.

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