The morning drama actress is “too good in style” Ponytail fluttering “exciting pitching” is “very cute” | Full-Count

When I swung my right foot up, I stepped firmly and threw it from my left arm.

■ Rakuten 3-1 Seibu (15th, Berna Dome)

Yua Shinkawa, an actress who also appeared in the TV series “Come Come Everybody” that was broadcast on NHK until this spring, appeared at the opening ceremony of the Seibu-Rakuten game held at Berna Dome on the 15th. She is attracting attention as “very cute” and “beautiful form” for her daring pitching with a ponytail flying from a southpaw.

As the main ambassador for “Lion Girl Day” held on that day, she went to the mound in the uniform she produced with her number “10”. Swinging up his right foot, he stepped firmly and threw it from his left arm. He was unfortunately one-bound, but it was a full-fledged pitch that conveys his love for baseball.

The whole story is released on the official YouTube channel of “PERSOL Pacific League TV”. Fans are already captivated by saying, “The style is too good and the head size and perspective bugs are buggy.” “It’s a really beautiful person.” “I’m happy that such a cute and highly likable actress is involved in Lions.” Seems to have become.

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