The Morning. What did AMLO say in today’s conference, September 8?

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reiterated that the number of deaths and infections of covid-19 in Mexico, “We are in a better situation despite the tremendous tragedy that this pandemic has caused, we are going down, we have not had outbreaks.” And he recognized the work of the health personnel who take care of the new coronavirus, “they continue to help us with dedication, with humanism (…) despite the time, fatigue, they continue to attend to”.

“Progress is being made, despite the pain that has left us, we are managing to tame this pandemic and saving lives, and I hope that soon, very soon, this nightmare passes and let’s get back to normal, “he said in The Morning.

Mexico managed to reduce mobility like European countries: López-Gatell

The Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, he recalled that today are fulfilled 101 days since Mexico entered the ‘new normal’ with the journey of healthy distance. In addition, she asserted that Mexico managed to reduce mobility in the face of covid-19 like European countries, but without coercive measures, “it has been a source of pride that we achieved a reduction in mobility to that achieved by other countries that used coercion. ”

Colima, the only state with a red traffic light due to coronavirus

Stated that Colima It is the only state that remains on a red light, since the pandemic has continued to rise, “except for the last week where an apparent reduction has been reached, therefore it is the only state that remains red and we hope that it already enters a period of continuous reduction, but it is still too early to anticipate it. ” Sinaloa is the entity “that has the greater sum of weeks in period of descent both in cases and in mortality “.

86,000 health workers have been trained to deal with the covid-19 pandemic

The head of the National Medical Coordination of the National Institute for Wellbeing (Insabi), Alexander Svarch, detailed that more than 86 thousand health workers have been trained To deal with cases of covid-19, “since April 1 we have started an intense training program and formation of multidisciplinary human teams that have allowed us to serve patients.”

Mexico has repatriated more than 17 thousand nationals stranded in the world

The Secretary of Foreign Relations (SRE), Marcelo Ebrard, announced that they have repatriated 17,393 Mexicans stranded in the world faced with the pandemic, mainly in Latin America and Europe, and confirmed that all the Mexican consulates in the United States “are working.”

National Lottery already sold 63.58% of ‘cachitos’ for presidential plane raffle

The director of the National Lottery (Lotenal), Ernesto Prieto, reported that eight days after the raffle for the presidential plane, 3 million 815 thousand ‘little pieces’ have been sold, which is equivalent to 63.58 percent of the total.

“Until yesterday, in total one thousand 907 million 600 thousand pesos; 3 million 815 thousand 200 ‘little pieces’ have been sold equivalent to 63.58 percent of the total available; these last days, this last month was very good for this draw, “he commented.

I do not see anything strange: AMLO after the departure of 10 Conago governors

López Obrador assured that 10 governors who left the Conago they are free, “we are free, I don’t see it at all strange, I think is an association of governors and is not required, and those who leave is because they are exercising their right, their freedom. ”

“They are within their rights, the right to disagree is guaranteed in Mexico, there are freedoms, that is democracy and it is good that there are different points of view, there are also differences,” he declared.



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